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Book Release Plus 5th Year Anniversary

Co-authors, brothers, and Savannah Taste Experience owners celebrate their 5-year business anniversary and a book deal with Arcadia Publishing in April

Sometimes, the stars align just right and April is such an occasion for brothers Stu and Donald Card. The Cards took a big risk five years ago, leaving big jobs in big cities to start one food tour route in Savannah. Now, Savannah Taste Experience has grown into a bustling business, with two 5-star reviewed routes running seven days a week, with up to seven tour slots on weekend days.

The icing on their anniversary cake is their first book release on April 12: Savannah Food: A Delicious History. A big chunk of 2016 was dedicated to writing the book after the brothers were approached by Arcadia Publishing, which is the largest publisher of local history books and regional content guides in America. They’ll celebrate its release and their 5th anniversary with an intimate private party at Smith Brothers Butcher Shop, one of their tour stops on the Famous & Secret East Side food tour, on April 12.

“It’s still hard to believe that it’s been five years since we started our little company, and we couldn’t ask for a better gift than having our book be released in the same month as our five year anniversary,” Stu shares. Donald adds, “We want to thank all of our guests, tour guides, partners, Arcadia, our families, and the many, many others who have helped us reach this milestone. We feel so lucky that this is our job!”

About the book from the Arcadia Publishing website:

“Savannah’s remarkable cuisine is a reflection of its unique history. Delicate local ingredients are balanced carefully using time-honored techniques to produce unforgettable dishes. Initially a colonial experiment of sorts, Savannah became not only the first capital of Georgia but also the capital of all Lowcountry cuisine. From the insolvent freed from debtors’ prisons to help seek new cash crops for England to the religious refugees from Austria-Germany and the Scottish Highlanders, Savannah’s eclectic European influences mix neatly with traditional Gullah techniques, surprising local ingredients and world-class seafood. Follow authors and award-winning Savannah Taste Experience Food Tour operators Stu and Donald Card on their journey to find the roots of Savannah’s famed dishes and the current restaurant renaissance.”

About Savannah Taste Experience

Brothers Stu and Donald Card both left successful careers to open Savannah Taste Experience, and they felt there was no better place to enjoy food, friends and family than Savannah, Georgia. They designed their First Squares Food Tour and Famous & Secret East Side Food Tour to show off Savannah’s best features—excellent food, beautiful architecture, storied history, and year-round warm climate. Each tour was designed to allow travelers to experience more restaurants in three hours than they could on their own in an entire weekend. Both food tours show off not only some of Savannah’s Southern cuisine but also an international mix of influences that help make Savannah a worthy culinary destination.

For more information, visit their website at www.savannahtasteexperience.com and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for discounts and updates. Guests are also encouraged to use #SavannahTaste to share their experience on any of these social sites.