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New Partner Stop: Cha Bella!

Starting WednesdayApril 26th, we are pleased to announce that Cha Bella will be added to the East Side Tour. We are insanely excited about this update for a number of reasons:

  1. Savannah’s Original Farm-to-Table Restaurant

Cha Bella opened its doors in in 2005, and right from the start, they were committed to sourcing all their ingredients from within a day’s drive. This dedication to sustainability for 12 years means our guests are going to get the chance to get to know the real essence of Savannah’s food.

 1. Fine Dining on a Food Tour?!?!

As a fine-dining location, Cha Bella will provide our guests with an experience that is difficult to get on any food tour, anywhere in the world. Since food tours are all about quick service, our guests will get the fine dining without the wait!

     2. A Dinner-Only Location

That means they will be opening the kitchen just for our guests. This is special for a number of reasons, including that you get to have a truly VIP, up-close experience with the restaurant and management. This beautiful location is worth browsing, and we love knowing that our guests will never just be “part of the crowd.”

   3. Stunning Atmosphere

The back patio alone is one of the prettiest places to eat in Savannah, but this tucked-away location is also a gem inside. We expect plenty of our guests will want to return to Cha Bella for a full dinner experience!

     4. Country Fried Portobellos 

Yes, with these country fried portobellos (which happen to be gluten-free and totally vegetarian), our guests’ palates are going to get the biggest treat of all!

If you’ve been to Cha Bella, we’d love to hear why you’re excited that they are joining our tour and what you loved about your Cha Bella experience on our Facebook page!