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Unforgettable Cafe Bakery; a Hidden Gem

Unforgettable Bakery & Cafe is baking love by the pound. Established in 2009 by Belinda Baptiste, this little cafe offers some of the most delicious cakes in Savannah. If it’s food for the soul that you desire, then this is the cafe for you. Miss Belinda goes well beyond the world of fresh cakes and desserts to also serve up a fresh, healthy and Caribbean inspired breakfast/lunch menus. To keep it fresh and unforgettable, the menu is small in number, but never small on flavor!

The island fusion and desserts will keep you coming back to this Southside gem, but their cooking philosophy will make you a fan for life. This is truly a labor of love for Belinda. She began her career in higher education, but followed her calling as a baker because of her Haitian family roots in cooking and generosity. Per her website, “On a monthly basis, [she and her] family would take food to the underprivileged and mentally ill by buses and vans. They delivered food and clothing items to people in need. Her parents ingrained this attitude of service into her at a young age.” She still remains very active in several charities in Savannah and, of course, back in Haiti. One of her ultimate goals for Unforgettable Bakery & Cafe is for it to become a place where the community can gather and figure out ways to give back to others in need. Doesn’t this seem like just the type of business owner to champion in Savannah?



Unforgettable Bakery & Cafe

238 Eisenhower Dr. 
SavannahGA 31406 


Lunch Suggestions:

Any of her gumbos, especially the chicken

Organic black bean burger–wow!

Don’t forget the Sweet Potato Salad (you’ll thank us)