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Things-to-do In Savannah Blog

Savannah Food Fest Roundup

It seems that every year, Savannah adds a new culinary and beverage event to the annual calendar—which makes foodies like us very, very happy. Since you’re foodies (and drinkies? Guess that’s not a word but let’s go with it!), we thought you’d appreciate a rundown of these events so you can mark your calendars for the ones that make you want to chuck the scale and enjoy a feast and/or round of good cheer. Still have questions about Savannah food or drinks events? Send us a tweet @SavannahTaste or post it to our Facebook and we’ll be sure to get back to you—or turn your question into a full blog post! 1. Savannah Food & Wine Festival When: 3rd Saturday in November Cost: Main event, Taste of Savannah, around $50. Other events priced individually.  Vibe: Arguably the biggest food and drink event in Savannah, the…

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September 16, 2014

Welcome Food Blog

Our first Savannah Taste Experience Blog! After more than two and 1/2 years of pouring our hearts and souls into developing our two 5-star rated food tours, we’re ready to help visitors and locals experience Savannah virtually. This blog will include reviews of Savannah restaurants, dishes, recipes, cookbooks, events and more, plus we’ll highlight the best day trips, places to stay, and other must-see activities in Savannah so you can make the most of your time while you’re in our fantastic Hostess City. You’ll also find guest blogs from our partners, commentary about food news, and be clued in on what’s happening with our family-owned and operated business as we head into our third year. As we continue to design new experiences for food and drink loving tourists and residents, we’ll be asking for your input about potential new ventures and what…

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August 31, 2014


This weekend Savannah hosted thousands of visitors for it’s annual Craft Brew Fest. Although the dozens of craft breweries and ale aficionados have packed up their convention gear and headed back to their respective homes, Savannah’s craft brew scene doesn’t just crawl into a hole and hide until next year. Savannah, sometimes called the “Toast-Us City” as a play on its long-held distinction as the Hostess City, continues to build momentum in the craft beer industry with a new production brewery opening in 2014 (Service Brewery) and two more slated to debut in late 2014. Here’s how to soak in all the suds Savannah has to offer in one weekend while keeping your wits about you. Thankfully, Savannah’s to-go cup freedom means you’ll never have to chug a brew before heading to the next establishment, so you can savor every last drop…

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August 29, 2014

Girls’ Getaway Weekend

Every year, millions of women flock to Savannah, many for a girls’ getaway weekend, mother/daughter trip, sister retreat, bachelorette party, or for a destination wedding. No matter the reason for visiting, Savannah has a ton of fun to offer ladies whether you want to enjoy our boutique shopping, inventive cocktails, rooftop views, or modern mixed with traditional Southern cuisine. Whatever your fancy, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained—especially with a to-go cup in your hand along the way thanks to Savannah’s open-container law. Friday A quick, fun way to get acclimated with the city is to go on a tour. Of course, we recommend you start with one of our delicious food tours that takes you to several restaurants and specialty food stops that will help to give you a lay of the land, a bit of the history of the…

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August 27, 2014