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We Wrote a Book!

So, we wrote a book! Actually, co-owners Stu and Donald Card wrote a book. They were approached last year by The History Press/Arcadia Publishing to write a book detailing the culinary history and recent foodie renaissance of Savannah, GA. Kind of a huge task, right? Well, after some serious researching (and eating!), Savannah Food: A Delicious History is finally available for purchase on Amazon. Our Savannah food book will officially be released on April 10, 2017, which actually coincides with Savannah Taste Experience’s 5th year anniversary.

It’s no secret that there is something almost magical about the food in Savannah. Like most everything else in The Hostess City, the culinary tales tie back to the original founder, Gen. James Oglethorpe, and snake their way through the generations largely by word of mouth. We’ve been immersed in this foodie transformation for the last 5 years, guiding locals and visitors alike on tasty adventures through the cobbled streets of Savannah. So diving into the origins of the city’s rich culinary traditions was incredibly beneficial and helped shape an even deeper appreciation of the time-honored techniques and recipes that have been the backbone of Savannah’s most recent wave of culinary influence and identity.

We are so proud to have this opportunity to share another slice of Savannah’s history with you. “These opportunities for the business have come about because everyone involved with this company is extremely talented and dedicated to providing consistently incredible food tours in Savannah,” Stu Card. Donald added that “we’d also like to thank all of our guests that have been on our food tours, and those that took the time to leave us reviews on Tripadvisor and Yelp!”

Below is the copy on the back of the book, so you can get a taste of what’s inside and not have to squint at the picture above:

Savannah’s remarkable cuisine is a reflection of its unique history. Delicate local ingredients are balanced carefully using time-honored techniques to produce unforgettable dishes. Initially a colonial experiment of sorts, Savannah became not only the first capital of Georgia but also the capital of all Lowcountry cuisine. From the insolvent freed from debtors’ prisons to help seek new cash crops for England to the religious refugees from Austria-Germany and the Scottish Highlanders, Savannah’s eclectic European influences mix neatly with traditional Gullah techniques, surprising local ingredients and world-class seafood. Follow authors and award-winning Savannah Taste Experience Food Tour operators Stu and Donald Card on their journey to find the roots of Savannah’s famed dishes and the current restaurant renaissance.

When hard copies are officially released, we hope to also have them available for purchase throughout Savannah. We’ll have more details on that as we get closer to the release date. Until then, and if you can’t wait to get your copy as soon as possible, then go ahead and show your love with a purchase.

Bonus Book Content:

About the Authors

Brothers Stu Card, a partner of a busy law firm, and Donald Card, a broadcast operations specialist for a major news outlet, fell in love with Savannah and its food culture when they came to career crossroads. With the long, rich history, beautiful architecture, amazing people and unique Lowcountry speed of life, it didn’t take them long to realize that their future laid in showing off the Hostess City’s greatest bites. Out of this passion grew the highly rated, award-winning food tour, Savannah Taste Experience. Stu and Donald’s research, operations and developing of historical stories for Savannah Taste Experience has entertained tens of thousands of guests for more than five years. It is this perspective–running deliciously fun food tours in the Historic District–that led the brothers to put some of these fascinating stories on paper. This is Stu and Donald’s first published book.