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Culinary Tourism And You

How do you know if culinary tourism is for you?

First of all, let’s define what we mean by culinary tourism. In its broadest meaning, it’s a way to explore a city through your tastebuds. So, the easy answer is: if you like to eat, then culinary tourism is definitely for you! However, there are many more elements that make go into its definition. Maybe the best way to go about figuring out if food tourism is for you is to take a closer look at some of the most important elements that make up a great food tour.

Let’s start with the obvious: The Food!

Whether you are visiting a city for the first time or you are a local wanting to explore a little deeper into your community, the food tour offerings should be delicious, diverse and culturally relevant to the region/city. There is a story that only food can tell about a culture and/or destination that resonates with any curious person. On our Savannah Taste tours, we focus heavily on locally owned and operated eateries that not only make amazing meals, but also weave their own tale into the fabric of Savannah. The culinary scene in The Hostess City has been expanding exponentially over the last few years and being able to show that transformation to our guests was an important aspect.

What about the route?

If you are going on a walking food tour, there are a few factors that need to be considered. You don’t want to be walking frantically through a neighborhood with a bellyful of oversized portions. There is a pace and portion size that has to be considered. That’s why we fill up our walks between stops with tons of information about the history, culture, monuments and architecture along the way. There are places to stop and admire landmarks and hear tales, too. At Savannah Taste Experience we value big taste over big treks, so all of our walking tours cover about 1.5 miles, with at least 2 resting locations along the way that total about 45 minutes.

Do you love to learn?

Being a Cultural Tourist implies a certain level of curiosity. That doesn’t mean that only people who fill their DVR with Celebrity Chef shows qualify. Maybe your interest lies in history, architecture, or simply learning how to live like a local while on vacation. Like we said above, food is a universal language that covers many aspects of a community. The real value of a food tour is all of the knowledge that you can gain about the restaurants, owners and area in  a short amount of time. The intimate experience of a food tour allows your guide to provide you with way more information than you would normally gather yourself if you went to all of the locations individually. Even locals can learn more about different areas of their own city through culinary tourism. So, don’t be shy; ask your guide as many questions as you want!

Culinary tourism is all about finding or experiencing a different point of view through great food and insightful stories, as presented through an experienced, local guide. Whether you are on vacation or trying to see your town with fresh eyes, culinary tourism (and food tours in particular) is the perfect avenue where taste meets adventure.