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Shawndra Russell July 19, 2017 Your Savannah Food Scene Questions, Answered

Your Savannah Food Scene Questions, Answered

Last month, we had a giveaway to our newsletter subscribers for a signed copy of our new book, Savannah Food: A Delicious History. To enter, fans had to ask us a question about Savannah’s food scene, and we loved reading all the questions as they came in. We answered a few of our favorites in this video, and you’ll find answers to 7 more fan questions below--some answered with text directly taken from our book. I love Savannah and the variety of food found there! When did the food scene become popular in Savannah? “Savannah’s culinary revolution is upon us, finally attracting world-class chefs and the recognition the city deserves....

Shawndra Russell July 17, 2017 Where to Brunch in Savannah

Where to Brunch in Savannah

Brunch in Savannah is definitely a thing. Locals will brave crowds to hit up our favorite brunch spots, and most of us wish that more dinner-only restaurants would consider adding brunch to their offerings. In fact, Savannah could easily add a number of restaurants to the list of places that serve brunch, and all of them would be busy (provided, of course, that the food and brunch cocktails are on point). And since 9 out of 10 people report eating brunch at least occasionally, there's no sign that brunch's popularity will slow down anytime soon--and certainly not in Savannah. With that in mind, we want to share our favorite Savannah ...