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We Answer Your Questions About Savannah’s Culinary Scene

Earlier this month, we emailed our newsletter subscribers with an opportunity to win a free signed copy of our new book, Savannah Food: A Delicious History(you can sign up on our website–scroll down to the footer–to join our list and be in the know when we do special giveaways, events, and more).

To enter our giveaway, all we asked was that our followers submit a question about Savannah’s culinary scene, past or present. We received a ton of entries; so many, in fact, that we put together a short video answering some of our favorites which you can view below or via YouTube.

We will also be creating some blog posts and other content to help answer the rest of the questions sent in. If you have a question for us, submit it via Facebookor Twitter, or sign up for our newsletter so you can be part of our June giveaway and a Savannah insider.

Here’s a few of the questions we’ve received so far, with lots of people showing a curiosity for our seafood options:

In your opinion, what are the top 5 restaurants in Savannah that I should go to on my next visit?

If you had a chance to win a free meal at any Savannah  restaurant, what would be your choice?

What makes Southern grits distinctly Southern?

If we know the best sangria is at The Public Kitchen, what are the best donut shops?

Is the seafood in most restaurants locally sourced?

Are there any particular spices used in Savannah’s seafood dishes?

What local restaurant is known most for fresh seafoods?

What does a typical “cocktail hour” look like in Savannah?

What cocktail and food is trending right now?

What are the top spots that the locals like to go to for a special meal?

Planning a bachelor party in Savannah; what’s the best “guys’ meal” restaurant?

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions, and keep’em coming!