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Meet Our Team

a person wearing a blue shirt

Juli Coble – Director of Operations

Getting to meet new friends from all over the world while showcasing our beautiful city is a dream job for me, as I love educating others on all things Savannah. The history, art, architecture, green spaces, weather, and the unique cuisine all combine to make our city majestic, magical, and fun.

When I’m not giving tours, I love spending time with my 3 crazy rescue dogs, sewing, reading, watching live music, and traveling. Thanks for joining my tour–I cannot wait to show you around Savannah!

Ashton Greene

Ashton Greene – Director of Marketing

I’ve wanted to be a tour guide in Savannah for the last eleven years. Yes, it’s literally a dream of mine. I first moved here when I was 17 to go to SCAD. After earning my advertising degree, I suffered a brief stint in NYC before the South called me back again. Savannah is hands down my favorite place in the world! When I’m not spouting facts, you can find me writing, designing, art-ing, or working for a cat. Thanks for letting me show you around! I hope you love it here just as much as I do.

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Bailey Powers – Retail Director

I’m excited to be sharing my city with you all! My name is Bailey and I have lived in Savannah for 5 years. I particularly enjoy the way that the history converges with the new life that SCAD brings to the city; and who doesn’t love being able to take a to-go-drink while exploring the city’s many green spaces. When I am not giving tours, I am playing with my dog, Ada or buying more house plants that I do not need. I can’t wait to help you taste your way through Savannah!

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Joshua Greer – Sales Director

Joshua hails from the great state of Indiana. From there he lived in Asheville, NC for ten years and in 2008 he moved to Savannah. Living in Savannah for so many years has given him the opportunity to watch it grow and blossom into the amazing city it has become. He has a great amount of knowledge about the history of Savannah and even more about the current restaurant scene. Whatever you are looking for here in the Hostess City, Joshua can help you find.

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“Country” – Tour Guide

Hey y’all, my name is Country. I know it’s an odd name…but my Momma didn’t name me that. I love being a tour guide in Savannah. I get to meet people from all over the world that I never would have met on my dirt road when not workin’.

I love being with my granbabies (being a Meema is very cool), quiltin’, bakin’, and painting (I’m crafty!). So come on a tour and let’s be cousins! 🙂

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Anne Rogers- Tour Guide

Anne’s 20-year career as a freelance editor allowed her the freedom to call various places home, from Taos, New Mexico to Caribou, Maine, and other stops in between. Nowhere else, however, captured her heart and imagination the way Savannah has! Anne enjoys exploring the architecture and history of the city and discovering new restaurants to try.

a person in a blue shirt

Cindy White – Tour Guide

A Georgia native, Cindy’s Savannah roots began 250 years ago. With Southern charm, she enthusiastically shares Savannah’s colorful history and epicurean delights with her guests.

She has a passion for serving children, having traveled in rural third-world areas to minister to their needs and volunteers with local at-risk girls.

Join her among the majestic live oaks to experience the beauty and hospitality of her beloved corner of our world.

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Brenden Davis –  Tour Guide

Brenden is a Filmmaker, Comedian, and Co-Founder of the Mazel Tov Cocktail Collective comedy production company. He moved to Savannah in 2020 pursuing the creative opportunities the city provides. He instantly fell in love with the ‘Hostess City’ and now adores showing people his favorite city in America. Brenden loves to combine his passion for comedy, history, and food into the three hours he gets to spend with his guests. He often compares himself to an elm tree.

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Sally Kick – Tour Guide

Moving to Georgia from Ohio at 15 Sally considers herself 1/2 southern. She grew up in a family-owned restaurant where she was hostess at age 5 and never met a stranger. Sally is a credentialed wellness health teacher with a passion for helping people improve their quality of life through food and wellness health. She credits teaching Aquatic and Pilates classes for over 20 years for her personal well-being. Providing guests with a tasteful educating experience is the goal she strives for.

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Shannon Lynch – Tour Guide 

Shannon is a Savannah native and enjoys spending time downtown, on River Street, and at the beach with her husband, Stephen. She is also the mom to three adult girls but she talks mostly about her Labradoodle, Daisy. She’s definitely a girl mom and is always down to hang out with her kids… the two or four-leg kind. One thing you will know upon meeting Shannon is that she is proud of her family and her city and takes every opportunity to show them off!

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Riley Wolsifer – Tour Guide


Meghan Turner ID

Megan Turner – Tour Guide

Meghan is from Lawrenceville, GA. She began attending GSU in 2018, moved to Savannah in 2020, and graduated with a B.S. in Biology in 2021. Currently, she works as a veterinary technician and hopes to become an environmental biologist. Her favorite animal that she has worked with was an otter named Vinnie.

In her free time, Meghan does improv comedy or looks for wildlife in local marshes and forests. She is a mother to two daughters: Toni the dachshund mix and Tierra the ball python.

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MJ – Tour Guide

I graduated from Florida State University in 2018 with a degree in English Literature. After college, I moved to Los Angeles, where I worked for NBC and Universal Pictures. In 2020, I moved back to my home-state of Georgia. You know what they say about taking a southern girl out of the south!

When I’m not giving tours, I am usually doing improv comedy at The Front Porch, sewing a new top, or curling up with my cats to read a good book.

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Chris Wolf – Tour Guide


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Jon Antoine – Tour Guide

Hey! It’s me Jon Antoine purveyor of fun, eater of snacks, and knower of facts. I’m from The Bronx NY, but the powers that be determined my accent wasn’t good enough so they shipped me down south. On my way to the low country I found I had a passion for acting and comedy. Making people smile is my favorite thing, with chorizo tacos coming in a close second. All that means at the end of the day is I’m a plain fellow who wants everyone around him to have a good time. Let’s do it together!

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Bethany Skipper – Tour Guide

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Gail Mihalik – Tour Guide

I am originally from Connecticut, now residing just outside of Savannah. I gave
up luxuries like snow, ice and freezing temperatures to move here. And I don’t
regret it! Being in the hospitality industry for over 50 years, I’ve done it all.. I
was a chef instructor for Pastry and Baking, I’ve owned a restaurant, managed,
and created many forms of art with food. My mission today is to have you use
your five senses to make today’s experience one of the best

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Lisa Messer – Tour Guide

I grew up in a large family with five brothers and have lived all over the United States. However, it
wasn’t until I visited one of my brothers in Savannah that I knew I had found my forever home. I just fell
in love with the architecture, history, art and beauty of Savannah. My love of food is only second to my
love of meeting new and interesting people from all over the world. As the saying goes “When you love
what you do you never work a day in your life!” I’m living my dream job in my dream

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Tori Hyde – Tour Guide
Hey y’all! I’ve lived in Savannah for 20 years, and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. The food culture, the people, the beautiful architecture, and greenery, I love being a part of it. There is truly no other place like Savannah!
When I’m not working, I’m a mom to three dogs, two kids, one cat, and a husband. I also love hosting board game nights, reading in the squares, and arts and crafts!

Andy Reinertsen – Tour Guide

I am originally from just outside of Raleigh, NC where I was born and raised. I am the youngest of two, with an older sister who lives close by now. I grew up as a competitive dancer and learned the joy of entertaining. since then, i’ve centered my life around trying to entertain people in various ways, which is how I ended up as a food tour guide for Savannah Taste Experience! get ready to be entertained!